Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Children at our feet.....

In examining the ethics of early childhood care, and encouraging adulthood success.
Taking into consideration the correlation behind early childhood bonds, and emotional success of adults.....adoption that creates such large distances between a child and their known community, which includes spirit, this distance should be treated with great awareness and care. Distance not necessarily physical.Each step of the path must be accounted for. Birth. Birthmother.

What does an intact model of "open adoption" look like? Always different, depending upon the story of the origin of life. What components are fluid? What components will always be present.

We know who we are by knowing where we have come from. We know how to address our issues, by understanding the context within which they were formed. We develop significant attachments to the circumstances of our lives. We root, so to speak, and we root fast. Separating from that which is familiar can be overwhelmingly stressful. Separating from that which is of the spirit is overwhelming for such little beings. If it is preverbal trauma, they have no language for the emotion.

How do we frame such stories, how do we tend to the spirit of the child, to the spirit of their grandfather and mother. How do we hold their story as whole, and perfect.